Akgül Ahşap

Since 1957 we are the leader of furniture and wood work industry. We have no standard. We can produce your dimensions,your colors and your design for all doors. We have the capacity for your big projects.We can make your inteiror designs for your home.

Nowadays shown to cover imported to meet the demand and infrastructure to compete with our company, thanks to the interest in modern technology leader in the sector has the capacity to be. If the industry with a broad perspective if we look we will see that, on the one hand, cheap and quality lacking goods, on the other hand imported good quality and very expensive products bulunmaktadır.piyasa evaluate Going most consumers, quality, demand for goods does not want to, but it is very expensive product if the budget is not sufficient. WOOD AKGÜL our goal; market disproportion which causes the two end poles balance between providing work, both imported products coming up of high quality and tasteful as well as they are so high price in the non-design products by this disproportion to eliminate is to work.